Celebration of Polish Culture

Throughout the whole academic year, we organise various events to celebrate Polish traditions and commemorate important dates in the Polish calendar. Every year, members of the society have the opportunity to participate in formal halls to honour holidays such as Independence Day or The 3rd of May Constitution Day. There is also a number of casual events connected to Polish culture, such as eating doughnuts on Fat Thursday, or picnicking to celebrate the anniversary of the 1989 elections.

Friends & Fun

Members of the society form a close friend group who love to spend time with each other. Many casual events and parties are organised for students to relax and forget about studying and revising. The most famous one is Vodka Party organised in Hilary Term when both members and non-members of the society can taste the best traditional alcohols from Poland. Other events include ladies’ brunches, pub meetings, crew dates, and events co-organised with other national societies.


Speaker Talks, Dinners & Debates

We have had the privilege to intive and meet many illustrious people who are interested in Poland and Polish affairs, and who are willing to convey their knowledge and experience to us, exchanging views an perspectives. Among our guests you will find e.g. Radosław Sikorski, Professor Zbigniew Pełczyński, Norman Davies or Marek Belka.