Oxbrigde Freshers’ Meeting

OxPolSoc runs its events not only during term time - once you get your Oxford offer, make sure to familiarize yourself with the society before you arrive.

Every summer, we organise Freshers’ Oxbridge Meeting and many unofficial summer socials in Warsaw. It is a great opportunity not only to make friends with new Freshers but also to get to know alumni, current students and OxPolSoc’s friends from other unis. Our events in Poland are sparsely attended by many - don’t miss them and look out for info on our Facebook fanpage.

Freshers Pack 2017 (1)-strony-1-1.jpg

Freshers’ Pack

Wondering what Oxford is like? Should I bring mugs or cups? Is a toaster a worthy investment? We have all the answers here! Feel free to download our Fresher’s Guide for new students. Regardless of your age and degree, the information will come in handy for everyone!