Membership Benefits

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Take part in meetings, workshops & case studies with our sponsors!

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Join one of the kind community of young, fun and ambitious students & alumni

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Enter our events for free or get access to massively discounted tickets!




Why should I join?

Membership allows you to enjoy free/discounted entry to our events, as well as priority where places are limited.

Who can sign up?

Whether you are a student, alumni or a Polish culture enthusiast, feel free to join the PolSoc! Everyone is welcome and we would love to have YOU in our community!

What does it cost?

We can now offer discounted lifetime memberships for 
just 5 pounds, thanks to our sponsor, Bain & Company.

How do I sign up?

To join, please fill in the form below and follow the instructions regarding payment, to be found there.


Alternatively, you can just drop us an e-mail at
or hit up our Committee Members during one of our numerous events!